Memorable trip and wonderful experience

Visiting Uganda was an amazing experience. The lush green deep forests, national parks, waterfalls, and the mountain gorillas were some of the highlights that I liked the most about the country. And, yes, I would like to mention that Chimpanzees do give a great fight to the mountain gorillas and spending time with these primates was equally exciting. Even the cottages and the camps that we were made to stay into were amazing. We visited the great Victoria Falls which was nerve-rattling. The views were incredible and we tried to capture some in our cameras. The guide was super-friendly and the agent was extremely helpful. Everything was planned as per the itinerary which resulted in a smooth operation. Another thing that I liked the most is Murchison Falls. The way the Nile River’s flow is interrupted by two deep rocks is incredible. It creates an awesome view which is a treat for every human eye. Overall, I liked the trip very much and the service offered was also great. No regrets for choosing the agent or the guide. Loved it!!


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