A Thrilling Experience with Mountain Gorillas

We planned a trip to Uganda because this time we wanted to get mesmerized by one of our closest primates than the scenic beauty of the mother nature. We opted for an adventurous gorilla trekking which started with the Kibale National Park. The park is packed with hundreds of birds, and the world’s largest number of Chimpanzees. Though we did not spot chimpanzees on day one, we decided to spend another day in the park. Luckily, on day two of our trip, we managed to spot some and it was incredible. The coming days were more entertaining and adventurous wherein we enjoyed being with the East African wildlife, the imperious mountain gorillas, and many more. If we had to point out the best thing happened to us during the trip, it has to be the gorilla trekking. The moment we saw a giant silverback standing tall and thumping his chest, we were astonished. The moments were incredible and the feeling was awesome. We would like to suggest all to witness the experience of being with the playful yet wild mountain gorillas of Uganda at least once. Planning such trips connect us to another part of the world where wildlife nurtures with immense love and care.


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