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Travel Review: Nice Trip To Kenya & Uganda Safari, Masai Mara..

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The trip was fantastic and Alana of this African safari company delivered at every turn. We trusted that things would run smoothly and they did. Our trip to the Porini Lion camp in the Olare Orok Conservancy. We have to admit that were initially a bit skeptical about staying in a conservancy vs. staying inside the Masai Mara park. However, we took the risk and were rewarded beyond our expectations. First of all, we were only 2km from the park border, so we spent plenty of time in the park (seeing lions, wildebeest crossing, etc.). However, staying in the conservancy had 3 enormous advantages overstaying in the park: 1) no crowds. There are only 3 small camps in the Conservancy that are even allowed on the property. So, we rarely saw anyone else. Also, that means that the animals are more protected and you have better viewings. We basically had our own pride of ~20 lions (including many cubs) that we could go see when we wanted 2) off-road driving. On the Conservancy, they are very respectful of the habitat but are also allowed to drive anywhere off-road, so you can get much closer to the wildlife 3) access at any hour. When people in the park have to be back in their hotel by 6:30 PM (park rules) we just went back to the conservancy and visited our pride of lions as the sunset and stayed as it was dark. This is great for viewing (especially for lions who are just getting active at that hour).


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