A Grand Tour Of Thailand And Cambodia

It was a marvelous trip, I did many fun activities, visited sites and ate food I never imagined I would. It was apparently the greatest adventure I’ve ever had and I did it with a wonderful group of people. I think it was observing Angkor Wat, although we didn’t manage to view the sunrise, it was cloudy. The temple was something different. We had three group managers during the tour. They were all great people. The trip leader we had for Cambodia was excellent, she actually went the extra mile for us and was so charming and enjoyable. take a lighter packing to travel comfortably, be ready for the more cool climate than you suppose, we had it much cooler for the best part of two weeks. Particularly when you are traveling on the water. There are many ironing opportunities. The money can be complicated because of the number of currencies, normally around eleven distinct ones, most areas are more than pleased with dollars. No coins.

A lovely and marvelous way to visit all the islands in Phang Nga Bay! We began to sail from Phuket and sailed from island to island on our private boat.  Really an amazing experience with this travel company.

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