Thailand Travel Review

We were trying hard for a long time to travel to Thailand but we got lucky this time. We found this amazing itinerary on Leisure and we could not but ignore this one. We got numbers of many travel agencies but this travel agency was the best travel agencies of the lot.  They were recommended via Zicasso's website after I began searching travel agents to help me plan our honeymoon to Cambodia and Thailand. After reviewing previously planned itineraries on their website I knew they were the company to plan our special trip.  Our agent replied immediately to emails even with the 12 hour time change. She planned the absolutely most perfect itinerary. We had the most amazing honeymoon imaginable.  We didn't have to worry about literally anything, from where to eat, where to stay, being picked up on time, having the most incredible knowledgeable English speaking tour guides every where we went. We had an absolutely amazing trip there is nothing I would change. I will use them again next time we travel to southeast Asia , which will hopefully be soon. 

The adventurous food vespa tour at night zipping through the city streets and trying all sorts of unusual foods. Sala lodges was an incredible resort with fantastic service and amenities. In Bangkok we had a romantic riverside dinner for two, jettied across the river in  longtails,  went to a skybar on the 64th floor to overlook the entire city.  In Chang Mai, our accommodation was the nicest resort we have ever been to. We were there to celebrate the lantern festival which was the most special experience. We had a private reserve dinner at four seasons . And my personal favorite was enjoying the Patara elephant farm where we became trainers for a day. Everyone should visit Thailand because of its amazing beaches and wonderful night life. Also, for other purposes, Thailand is good. Do take the services of this agency as it is the best in class.


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