A Memorable Experience With African Safari

Ever since my cousin returned back from South Africa safari, I was getting crazy to see wildlife animals and bird species. She had shared a lot about the area and things that can be done while African safari. So through my cousin, I got to know about Leisure.com that connect travelers with the travel agents. She is quite impressed by the travel services and that is why she recommended it to me to have hassle-free safari bookings. The agent was so smart that he made everything so easy to access even in the remote areas. 

My boyfriend and I had already mentioned that we don’t need any luxury lodges to stay in, so he boarded the best mobile tented safari provider to provide us the best services. We started off our safari trip with Botswana’s Chobe national park where we enjoyed the 4*4 vehicle safari while viewing the wildlife animals. During our trip, we got lucky to see actual lions attacking antelopes when they come together by the river. This sounds really weird but we always wanted to experience something like that when having a safari trip in Africa. Besides this, the experience of watching the giant elephants walking down the lakes was amazing. 

After exploring Botswana, we went straight to have some good clicks with Gorillas while on mountain gorilla trekking in Rwanda. We both find the place quite interesting as you trek mountain to see silverback gorillas, you encounter a lot more things that grab your attention. The most memorable moment was when we were surrounded by the beautiful green lush landscapes and aqua blue waters around the twin lakes, Burera, and Ruhondo that are the jewels of Rwanda. We stayed there just for one night but that was the most memorable part of our tour. Thanks to our agent and Leisure.com. 

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