A Memorable South Africa Safari Tour

My family of 9 including 5 grandchildren, 11 years old and younger, had a special time in South Africa.  We were in South Africa for 7 nights after our arrival. During our stay, we spent four days exploring Cape Town and adjacent areas with an amazing tour guide.  

He was so good at engaging the grandchildren, was patient with them while also ensured that the adults were engaged and exposed in Cape Town and area related opportunities.  We stayed in a hotel which worked well because of its close proximity to entertainment, good food, and fun activities to do. The casual nature of the hotel fit our needs with the younger grandchildren and also the rest of the family quite well.  Before we even reached Cape Town, we were really satisfied with all the arranged meeting of our flight in Johannesburg since their assistance in order to get us through customs, help rebook us, as our incoming flight was delayed and take care of our belated way after over 22 hours of travel.  The pickup in Cape Town was perfectly done and our private guide within Cape Town was amazing, as mentioned earlier also.

Amazing food, wonderful service, and comfortable surroundings.  We witnessed lots of animals, everyone felt cared of and we had complete control of our schedule.

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