South Africa Safari Review

This was an amazing trip, I say the tour of a lifetime, and we enjoyed a lot!  Our agent and tour team did an outstanding job of taking into consideration what our requirements would be as a family with small children - making certain the boys could engage in game drives, including activities like a ropes course in Cape Town that they could do - even made certain that the home in Cape Town was stocked with snacks for them when we reached.  

In the preparation stages, the company was timely with replies to emails and to clarify any questions.  We were constantly updated as plans got firmed up and given many choices to make our trip exactly what we desired it to be.
The proposed route went out excellent for us. Doing the Safari portion first provided the kids to take naps in the jeep if they were sleepy from jet lag, but didn't close the adventure for the rest of us.  Everyone was comfortable and no one felt like they missed out.
We were greeted at the airport by the tour agency team in Johannesburg on the two stops we made through there.  They made certain we got to our next flight and resort without any difficulty. An additional bonus was a free set of high-quality binoculars they gifted us with on arrival, they came in handy!


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