Wonderful Memories of Scotland Trip

This travel company that we worked with for our Scotland trip was extremely easy to work with and responded promptly to all our queries and concerns. They also provided us with a wonderful guide who was quite professional as well as accommodating. My friends and I thoroughly enjoyed his company.

Exploring Scotland overall in its glorious beauty was mind-blowing! There were plenty of rainbows and vista points that we thoroughly enjoyed. We also had some spectacular seafood. Just a suggestion - Plan well in advance and be sure to get very well!

I just wish that the company would have warned us about the possibility of closed roads and had suggested a Plan B. We literally had a major road closed and got stuck that day. That was disappointing and turned out to be a difficult day. Except for this incident, It was a perfectly planned and amazing vacation.  Everything worked out smoothly. All the guides were knowledgeable and very nice. The last night's hotel was just the perfect way to end this wonderful vacation.


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