Amazing Safari Trip to Rwanda

Since childhood, I had a dream to have a safari trip in which I get to see wildlife animals, especially elephants and lions. I am very fond of seeing elephants and planning a safari trip would quench my thirst of watching in person. So when my friends asked me to join them on a safari trip, I couldn’t resist myself my happiness.  

Since we all were going for the first time to Africa, we preferred to hire a professional who can plan out our trip and guide us during our safari trip. Upon my friend’s recommendation, we hired Leisure.com to plan out a finest African trip and that too at the most affordable prices. This was the most memorable trip I ever had and all this because of Leisure. It ensured me to provide the best travel services under my budget.

The memorable moment of my trip was when I went on a mountain trekking in the morning and left my camera in my tented camp. Upon reaching there when I was too close to the Gorilla family made me realized that I left the camera back in the camp. But as it was destined I made Jenny and John as friends who accompanied me through the safari trip and clicked really beautiful clicks with the gorilla family. I will never forget this trip and after the trip was over we are still friends and they soon are coming down to meet me in my hometown.

I enjoyed myself with mountain gorilla trekking, game-viewing at Moremi reserve game and a pleasurable to Nyungwe Forest National Park where I had experience of watching wildlife animals during Rwanda tours. I loved the safari trip and will recommend this travel company to my friends and associates as they deserve my recommendation and a real travel review on Rwanda Tour.

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