Travel Review: Family Trip To Rwanda

I went to Rwanda a few days back with my family. We spent the entire day learning about the history of genocide in the extraordinary country of Rwanda and later on our guide David met us at the hotel and gave us a history of the colonialism and resulting genocide before hitting the road to the churches that were just a few of the sites around the country that were mass murder sites. Following a brief, yet very powerful story at these churches we headed out to a special reconciliation village. Both victims and perpetrators live side by side. We were treated to special traditional dancing and remarkable testimonies from both a mass murderer and a victim whose entire family was killed. We then were asked to introduce our own family to the village and then we all celebrated with traditional drinks and a meal in a victim's house. An incredible learning experience that no one should miss. Truly 10-star experience we had during this tour. Also, the trip was quite pocket-friendly. The services of the travel agency were impressive and the guy was quite friendly and smart. I am surely gonna recommend this travel agency to my friend and associates.


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