A Perfect Rwanda Trip for Families

I was thinking of making a trip to Africa but could not settle my mind in one country. Finally, I decided not to greed much and start with stunning Rwanda tour. One of my friends recommended this company and I must admit that these guys are simply wonderful - particularly our agent who helped us every step of the way. They have a website also wherein one can have a lot of travel options in the form of itineraries. We got a few of the ideas from those itineraries and merged them with our ideas. The agent did a fantastic job in mixing those ideas and came up with a perfect Rwanda itinerary. The hotel and the services were also nice. We visited top-notch attractions of Rwanda and all of them were spectacular. From big cats to gorillas, things to admire in Rwanda are many and we realized it at the very beginning of our trip. We were fortunate enough to see four leopards on our trip - a mother with two cubs and another with a kill in a tree. That moment when we spotted them made our day and the trip as well. Couldn’t imagine a trip better than this. Truly Satisfied.


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