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It as an amazing experience. We saw so many wilds including the Big Five and the mountain gorillas. The trip included visits to volcanoes national park, Musanze caves, Nyanza, and few more. I was on this trip with my wife and I must admit that it was one of the best African trips we could ever have. We were not in Kenya or Tanzania but still, we did spot some of the wild cats which made our day. The best part was meeting the mountain gorillas who are as imperious as mountains. They are huge and so are their activities. We saw them in troops, not individually. Some of them were playing, and some were busy with their respective troops. We also spotted one silverback gorilla who did the incredible chest thumping in front of her. It gave us goosebumps and we could not forget that moment. Apart from this, we did make some bats friends in Rwanda and this happened during our visit to Musanze caves. Spotting so many bats in a cave was ridiculously cool and we did experience it all. Simply put, the Rwanda Safari we were involved into was incredible. It did complete justice to our trip and we are happy with the overall experience.

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