The Wow-mazing Experience with Gorillas

What a trip we had in Rwanda!  Allen did a great job planning our trip, and her recommendations for the visits were splendid. Though we struggled with some time constraints, in the beginning, Allen made sure that everything comes out to be wonderful. We had a beautiful safari experience in Rwanda and really enjoyed how we were guided for our first gorilla trekking. The whole experience of witnessing the giants with bared eyes was incredible. From listening to the hoots of the gorillas to feeling the land beneath us trembling with their presence, we were thrilled at every single moment of our trekking. Regarding our stay, everything was almost perfect. The food that we served with, the accommodation, the travel expenses, everything was planned in a beautiful way. To be honest, we were not expecting such a great quality of serving from a country like Rwanda. And yes, we would like to mention the quality of the Rwanda roads is amazing. They are clear and clean like a luxurious metropolitan city. Great job you did guys. I am really happy with the service and look forward to planning my next trip as well.


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