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What a trip it was! Yes, I must say that my Rwanda trip was awesome. The agent, Lisa, did a fantastic job planning everything for us, and her recommendations for upgrades and options were all spot on.  We had some time constraints, and Jenny worked beautifully to maximize our experiences, and to help us stay within our budget. We had a beautiful safari experience in Kenya and really enjoyed that we could see so many different areas of the country by flying between our camps.  Then, on to Rwanda, which was so beautiful, and gorillas, which are indescribable. The agent understood my concerns and addressed them perfectly, often giving me two options to choose from, so that I felt understood and involved from the beginning.

We "packed for a purpose" and brought supplies to a local school.  Our hosts and guide at Lewa Safari Camp organized our visit to the school, and it was magnificent to greet the children and be met with their enthusiasm and joy.  We also were able to visit the baby orphaned rhinos at Lewa--magnificent. Then on the Mara, our guide from Cotter's Camp created a perfect breakfast on the Mara by the sand river.  So wonderful! We also had a traditional African feast for dinner at Cotters. And Gorillas! What more do you need to say? Kenya and Rwanda showed us all the best of their countries, and we felt so blessed.

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