An Adventure Worth Remembering

This year on my birthday, I wished to visit a place which is peaceful yet adventurous. After consulting many of my traveler friends, I got to know about this amazing travel destination in Latin America, Punta Cana which is exactly what I had wished for.

I contacted this travel company, Leisure.com for organizing this birthday trip for me. I had been on a tour previously with this travel company. The experience was so amazing that I had made up my mind then itself to go on every trip with the same company. Many thanks to Leisure and the team for providing me the best birthday trip I could ask for. The itinerary had everything what I wished for and the activities as per my interests. There wasn’t even a single place which felt like a waste of day. The guide, just like the one on the previous trip, was amazing, helpful and a wonderful human being. I connected well with him on the very first day itself. He shared with me plenty of fascinating things about Punta Cana and also took me to places I never knew existed. It became such an interesting tour that I didn't wish to return even after spending an entire week over there. 

All the accommodations booked for my stay over there were wonderful and had beautiful scenery around. This made my time in the hotel memorable as well. I have a lot of pictures of the trip which I proudly show to my friends and share with them the experience of my most amazing tour and memories of most fantastic birthday ever.


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