A Journey of Lifetime - Punta Cana

I usually plan all my trips on my own. However, given the number of places we wished to explore in Punta Cana and the logistics involved, we decided to give this particular travel company, Leisure.com a try. After coming back from the trip, I can now say that we could not have asked for a better experience. I really wish our tour agent to organize all of our future travels as well. 

After I filled out the enquiry form on Leisure.com’s website, I instantly received a response from their end. The tour agent spent a lot of time in understanding the activities we were interested in, the places we wished to see, how we would like to travel and the types of accommodations we would like to stay in. We had more activities on our bucket list than we could complete in the time we had. So, given his understanding of my family and our requirements, he helped us patiently in planning things down. He also suggested to us some of the things that we were not aware about and which ultimately turned out to be the highlights of the Punta Cana tour. We had such a great time! The tour was so low stress for us as everything was planned well in advance and taken care of amazingly. 

All the hotels that we stayed in during the tour were all perfect. The daily adventures that the guide took us to were all worth the time. The places for lunch chosen offered delicious food experiences to us with a lot of variety and an authentic taste for traditional cuisine. 

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