Stunning Experience In Peru Tour

I found this travel company from leisure and I immediately put it on my bucket list before I arrived in South America. I finally arrived and I booked a package deal for the Machu Picchu and Rainbow Mountain to cut down on cost.

It’s an early morning and a hard day. The tour included transportation and two meals. You do need to pay extra for the entrance fee and I would bring extra money, just in case you want to pay for overpriced snack on your way up to rainbow mountain. Also, bring extra money, if you find the trek to be too taxing and you want to hire a horse.

I had to wake up at 3 am and got picked up. We ate breakfast and then was brought to the entrance. The trek itself is pretty moderate but what I struggled with is the altitude. It was difficult to get my breathing under control. I would all weather clothing, it snowed, rained, hailed even and there was glimpse of the gorgeous sun. Due to the altitude my face got sunburned. Bring plenty of sunscreen and protect your skin. Bring lots snacks and water and keep yourself hydrated.

But I made up and it was totally worth it. When the sun hits the mountain the colors really pop. Rainbow mountain can be a hit or miss experience. I have friend that went and there was snow covering the top, or the colors looked dull, due to cloudy skies. How many rainbow mountains are there in the world so it's definitely something worth checking out.

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