An Adventurous Safari Tour of Namibia

Our travel agent was great. Provided excellent service and inspired confidence in us for planning a trip online. He was always quick in his replies. He gets a strong 5 stars for his amazing service.

The accommodations selected ranged from good to excellent. I believe we got good value for the amount we paid. Even while on the road, the travel agent kept in touch with us via email and even phone calls. There were also 24-hour phone contacts in Namibia should we have needed additional assistance. The Namibian people were very friendly and helpful. We never felt any amount of danger during our stay here. It is an extremely safe and worthwhile country to visit in southern Africa. My husband has been to 181 countries and I to 148 and we can happily say that Namibia rates within the top five.

The natural beauty of this country was the best part of this trip. Each area and each day was very special. It was so much more than what we had expected. I would highly recommend Namibia as an amazing as well as safe country to travel.

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