Wonderful Namibia Tour

It was like a dream being 'amongst' a herd of feminine elephants and babies. The baby started to play with the antenna on the front of our vehicle. Extraordinary trip. The dunes at Sossusvlei are quite outstanding. We have a tendency to were inside 30m of a black perissodactyl in Etosha. We have seen a lioness crossing the road with her cubs. It was an amazing experience. The accommodation is mostly exceptional, the food is astounding. The guiding is sort of outstanding.

The whole trip was Absolutely fantastic and it deserves a five star. However, the Namibian organiser fell short on the vehicle - and keeping in mind the length of your time you sit in it, this was a bit boring time. They also offered us full care during our visit to the Himba village. Meeting the Himba people is another great experience. We learned much about their unique culture and lifestyle.

They are tremendously punctual and you will feel respected when one pays proper value of your time. All the staffs, guides and drivers were more than great. They are knowledgeable and punctual. The accommodation was great offering view of wildlife from the windows. We enjoyed great food and luxury spa in the lodge.

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