Funny experiences during Montego Bay tours

I was told by my friend that Leisure.com is one of the best online travel companies that help you connect with the best travel agent. But I was not sure about contacting any travel company for an expert since I had a bad experience with them. Upon insistence, I got agreed to hire a professional for planning my vacation.  

I was looking for someone who can read my mind and create an itinerary that just matches my style and my way!! The one I got was really good at planning trips without any restrictions on sending tourists to only famous places. This is something I really liked about my travel agent who made itinerary exactly the way I would have planned. 

The first two days were entirely dedicated to the beaches and museums where I can relax and explore the culture of MoBay. This boosted my knowledge regarding the place and helped me understand it easily. Once I have relaxed my mind, it was time to get indulged into real action by doing some water-related activities. 

I have a funny story to share after my scuba diving session, I went straight to do zip lining where I accidentally hit someone’s back. Actually, when the guy who was taking us to the ziplining activity send three in rows and I was in the middle of the game. The one who was ahead of me was just getting off his gear but was not got off it. Just a few minutes later, I reached there and shouted to get out of the way. But the time he moved, it was too late. I already hit him from the back. That was so funny and we looked and ended up laughing out loud. Thanks to Leisure team. 

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