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The trip to Montego Bay was so fun-filled and adventurous that we can’t get over it. I must say that this was the best birthday gift I ever got. It is a complete surprise, though my sister knew everything about my husband’s vacation planning. But she was told by my husband to not to let the cat out of the box. On my birthday’s morning, my parents, siblings and my husband, all turned up to my room with my favorite cake, bouquet and of course the flight tickets to Montego Bay. 

When we went there, I was so surprised to see such a flawless and hassle-free trip planning skills, but I later got to know about Leisure.com that connects my husband to the best travel specialist who actually helped us in organizing the entire trip from flight tickets to transfer. When we landed there, the airport transfer was waiting for us and the cabby took us to the hotel. After checking-in, the staff member invited us to have breakfast with some special desserts. On my birthday night, the hotel arranged a delicious cake and drinks for us and my husband threw a poolside party for married couples. 

The accommodation was so comfortable and the hotel services were really good. The local guide was hired to take us around the city and let us know about the top attractions in Montego Bay. During our stay, we faced no issues and not a single day was wasted in exploring something that is not worth visiting. We had real fun on the shores of the beaches, especially the Doctor's Cave beach. Apart from this beach, Rose Hall Great House was something I really liked due to some spooky stories attached to the place. Loved my trip and thanks to our travel agent. 


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