My Memorable Trip to Doctor's Cave Beach, Montego Bay

I am a single parent by choice of 16 years old daughter who has always dedicatedly devoting life to work. When Mia was 2 year, her father left us for growth in his career and ever since he left, I have been taking care of my daughter. A few days back I met my childhood friend who was traveling to Australia with her family and came to visit me. As she met me, the first question she asked was if I am enjoying my life. 

Suddenly I realized that my life has become so dull and uninspired and I ended up contacting Leisure.com to plan a trip for us. I got to know about this website through my cousin who also contacted it to get her Bali tour planned. She told me that it has an amazing team of travel specialists who are well-versed with their work and create an excellent itinerary and that too at affordable price. 

Montego Bay was my daughter’s choice as she is fond of beaches and wildlife parks. So when she got flight tickets to Montego Bay, Jamaica, she was so excited to explore the areas. There are plenty of places to visit such as Doctor’s Cave Beach, Walter Fletcher Beach, Cornwall Beach, Martha Brae River, Rocklands Bird Sanctuary, Animal Farm & Nature Reserve (Jamaica), and many more. But Doctor’s Cave Beach is an amazing place where we thoroughly enjoyed all the best water-related activities and relax. I could say that the place is so quiet and curative that relaxes my senses completely and even our local guide was telling us about the benefit of having bathing there to cure your diseases. 

The trip was fantastically planned and I am so much happy with the travel services. Thanks to Leisure, I will definitely recommend this site to my friends and associates. 

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