My second trip with my wife to Montego Bay

It has been 5 years now since we got married and had an amazing tour together. After returning from my honeymoon trip, I got too busy with my work and career. I was stuck between work and clients so much that I did not realize that we didn’t take any vacation in the past few years. At the workplace, when one of my colleagues was looking at the pictures of his Jamaica tour, I was so smitten by the beauty of the place that I ended up booking the Jamaica tour with the best travel site. Leisure.com is the best online source that connects us with the best travel agents who plan us a trip at the most affordable price. 

I made the booking with the travel agent just a few weeks before my marriage anniversary and I want to surprise my wife with Montego Bay tour. Before I leave for the trip, I just wanted to be sure about the places where we would be spending time today. So, I asked my agent to share the itinerary with me in detailed. Since this is the second trip with my wife and above that, it was my marriage anniversary so I don’t want to ruin my special event with any kind of carelessness. When he shared the itinerary with me, I was so amazed to see the well-planned and well-organized itinerary covering all the beautiful places or say romantic places. 

Playa Tortugas was the best place where we had our romantic dine-out on the cruise tour. The agent had already arranged a romantic dinner at the boat in the middle of the waters. The arrangement was so good that we created a lot of unforgettable memories during the trip. Thanks to the Leisure team. 

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