Found my life partner on Montego Bay Tour

It was an amazing trip to Montego Bay as it has been always so special and memorable trip for me where I found my life partner. It all started when my friend who is getting married next month was planning a bachelor trip to Montego Bay. The entire trip was arranged by a professional travel agent and I must say that he was so smart and intelligent to plan out a trip. Leisure.com is one good source to provide us one of the best travel agents to plan our trip. When we told him that this is our friend’s bachelorette trip so without asking any further travel requirements, he took the ownership to organize the perfect bachelorette tour. 

It was a two-week long trip in which we experienced all-in-one. We had a lot of fun, thrill, and adventure with a dash of romance on the air. On the first day of our trip, our local guide took us to the most popular place in Montego Bay- Isla Mujeres. This island is situated across the Bahia de Mujeres and best known as “the island of women”. It is the place where Sherlin who is going to be legally my life-partner next year met me there on the shores of the beach. She also came on a vacation with her friends. In the afternoon when we accidentally met, we instantly fall in love with each other. We spent some time together and shared a lot about each other. It was an amazing time we had and by the time we end up our trip to the Cancun’s Coco Bongo, we announced our marriage to our friends. 

Before we say goodbye to the city, we have done many water-sports activities to keep our trip going fantastically. Thanks to Leisure.com!

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