Best Place to Enjoy Water Sports - Amazing Los Cabos Tour

My husband and I have been thinking to visit Los Cabos for quite some time but failed to do so due to lack of time to plan out an amazing trip. Booking our Los Cabos trip with this amazing travel company turned out to be exactly what we needed - we communicated with them the kind of places we wish to see and activities we would like to do, and they completely took care of the rest.

There is truly no other place other than Los Cabos to enjoy watersports in such a fun way. Whether it is taking a dip at Lover’s Beach, parasailing at Medano Beach, witnessing massive humpback whale at the Sea of Cortez, or enjoying a leisurely cruise around Land’s eye witnessing some amazing rock formations - each and everything we experienced here is truly phenomenal!

Throughout the entire process, all our travel agents, as well as the rest of the travel company, were truly wonderful. We believe that we got quite a low stress and unique traveling experience by simply joining hands with this company. Our travel agent courteously picked us up from the airport and transferred us to the hotel. The company provided us with a cellphone to use while we were there so that we could remain in touch with them and could access the internet or Google maps. They also provided us with all of the information/maps for each of our stops in advance and also a handful of advice/suggestions for where to visit and what to explore as per our interests. They took great care of recommending restaurants and cafes and also getting all our reservations well in advance.

We enjoyed an incredibly amazing Los Cabos trip due to the enormous effort of the Leisure travel team!


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