Had so much with friends on a safari trip

I am a solo traveler who doesn’t like traveling in a group but a week ago, this was the first time I was traveling with my friends. I don’t like group traveling and neither do I like guided tours but I have to say that the agent we hired was so intelligent. Since we were a group of 10 friends so we need someone who can take care of arrangements from accommodation to food. Apart from these things, there is much more stuff that needs to be in place and just to keep the things in order, we approached this travel agency. Leisure.com is one source that provided us the best travel agent who had made smooth travel arrangements for us.

The journey started off with a hot air balloon safari at Kenya where we had a lot of fun. The bird-view of the entire area was so mesmerizing that can’t be explained in words. It was one of my memorable safari trips, besides the 4*4 vehicle safari tour. We really had fun there and the best thing was that it was so real and something that we watch in the movies. While moving from Kenya to Rwanda, we faced some transportation issues, which was immediately resolved by the agent. He was so responsive that when we connected him over the phone, he immediately had word with a local guide and arranged a mode of transportation to get through the journey easily. 

We are so thankful to the agent who really helped us despite being away from us. I liked their services and would definitely recommend the travel company to my friends. Three cheers to the team of Leisure and James (our travel agent) for being for helpful and responsive.  

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