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Travel Review: Adventurous Africa Safari Trip- Kenya, Maasai Culture..

Feedback On Travel Company And Travel Experience

The safari tour was wonderful and full of adventure and all the credit goes to our travel agent who made sure to provide and organize the trip in such a way that it won’t be missing out on anything. We have a done a lot of travel with our children alongside us, but the adventures that were found around every corner on this African safari were beyond our expectations, and FAR beyond theirs!  We were literally surprised around every corner as we found something unexpected, from a tote full of gifts upon our 5 am arrival to Nairobi from our agent to a bag full of top-notch coffee mugs from our last hotel upon departure, not to mention the incredible services and attention given to us at both safari properties between.

Our agent was clearly working behind the scenes throughout our trip to ensure that we were safe, well and taken care of, and she organized our family into perfect accommodations and safari properties for us.  It was obvious that she took everything we told her during our planning stages and applied it to her trip framework, allowing us to get everything we were hoping for out of our trip to Africa, and MORE!

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