Amazing Tour In Japan

We have just returned from Japan tour. It was a wonderful trip. We have visited many beautiful and famous places. We learned about this trip from leisure.com and made up our mind to visit Japan. We contacted with this travel company and received an instant response from them. They made our trip really amazing with their wonderful service. They provided us with excellent customer care service and delivered a perfect itinerary that included wonderful destinations to visit. We enjoyed our trip from the start to the end. The accommodation in all the locations including Tokyo, Tsumago, Hiroshima, Kyoto, Hakone was great and comfortable with a spectacular view. We enjoyed delicious Japanese cuisine every day of our stay. The transportation was smooth, we were received by their representatives at the airport and they transferred us to the hotel safely. The English speaking guides were excellent. They are knowledgeable and friendly. They took care of us on every step of the tour.

We started the tour in Tokyo. This is an amazing city. We visited the seaside town of Kamakura, in the southwest of Tokyo. There we have witnessed the Great Buddha of Kotokuin, and numerous scenic temples and shrines. we spent a great time in Hiroshima and Kyoto before returning to Tokyo. It’s for this travel company that we enjoyed a lot. Thank you, guys.


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