Japan Travel Review

Me and my wife have been travelling a lot. In a way, We are experienced world travelers, who have traveled with some of the top luxury travel companies and we'd rate this company among the best. The attention to detail and the literal tabbed spreadsheet with individual components made our entire itinerary of train/car/plane/hotel/tours extremely easy to execute on our own once we arrived in Japan. We were even given a pre-loaded local cell phone and subway/train passes so we could hit the ground running. The couple times we had questions while we were in Japan, they were answered immediately. The trip went like clockwork from start to finish and every stop was amazing. We journeyed from Tokyo, across the country on a bullet train to Kanazawa/Kaga Onsen and then flew down to Ishigaki Island on the Southern tip of Japan and ferried to our stay on the tiny (and beautiful) island of Taketomi. Every hotel was perfect and we couldn't have asked for a better itinerary for seeing city/country/beach on our own all in one trip.

Our Tokyo hotel was very conveniently located to the Shibuya subway/train station, making it quick and easy to get around. And, even though the area around the station is busy, the hotel was just a short walk away on a quiet street. The suites were roomy and the staff was very helpful. Our Ryokan in KagaOnsen was top notch. A beautifully designed 16 room ryokan where each room was very  large and beautifully  appointed. The spa and 10-course meals were something you'd expect at a 5-star hotel in a large city. The trip down to Taketomi Island was amazing and we were two of very few Westerners. The resort was designed to be low key and fit into the original design of homes on the island. It was all individual villas with large, private outdoor areas and it was a fun 10 minute bike ride into the small village. 

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