Italy Tour As A Beautiful Present

It was our first marriage anniversary and both me and my wife wished to spend some private moments together in a serene environment. There is certainly no other place as romantic as Italy and so we decided to step on a trip to Italy.

The travel company we connected with for this Italy tour, Leisure.com happened to be a blessing for us. We are truly impressed by the service they offered us during the trip and also by their quick and helpful responses. The travel coordinator asked us about our preferences and paid attention to everything we asked for. The itinerary provided by him felt like magic - it consisted of everything we had imagined for our special day. The romantic Gondola ride, the incredible sunsets, the Grand Canal and the beautiful Venice just made this trip an enchanting one. 

Italy truly feels like paradise on earth which has so much to offer its visitors. After this trip, it has definitely become one of my favorite destinations and would love to visit the incredible country time and again. I would recommend this amazing travel company, Leisure.com to everyone reading this. Because of this travel company, our tour went so smoothly and comfortably. All the arrangements, accommodations, food and transportation were well up to the mark and we faced no problem during the entire trip to Italy.  It felt like a beautiful present for our day. Kudos to Leisure team for making our dream come true! 


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