Most Amazing Trip Of Life - Italy Tour

I have just returned back from a one week trip to Italy which happened to be the most amazing trip of our lives! Our travel company planned such a wonderful and romantic trip for us, everything was just absolutely perfect! I was a first-time traveler and had never traveled out of the country ever before. So, I was initially hesitant to book with someone that I haven’t met before, however after doing some ample online research, I finally found Leisure and so happy that I did it. They worked out comfortably with us to plan the entire trip. It was definitely the best decision we could have made!

Traveling with someone who was knowledgeable firsthand of all of the areas we wished to visit and who is aware of the best hotels, guides, restaurants, drivers, was really the best decision we could have made! Our agent was amazing and made all of my dreams come true! While we were in Italy, we witnessed a number of travelers who faced issues with their reservations and travel.  We on the other hand absolutely faced no single thing that could go wrong during the entire week. Everything was booked well in advance and had a guide traveling with us every step of the way, we truly felt special during the entire trip.


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