Travel Review: Luxury Tour of Israel & Jordan, Masada, City of David, Western Wall, Dead Sea..

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Fantastic trip!  Fantastic travel company.  We had great communication with the company before the trip as we planned out our time in Israel with this company.  My wife and I felt very comfortable with our agents and the itinerary that we all jointly put together. And - once the trip started, everything went perfectly as planned, and there were many many extras along the way.  During our 3+ weeks together in Israel, as he got to know us better, our guide never stopped thinking about ways that he could improve the itinerary. That is very unusual in our experience. Most guides will stick to an itinerary no matter what - usually because they don't have the knowledge or creativity to amend it on the go.  And most guides will stick to only the same itineraries that everyone else uses - because those itineraries are safe. But our guide was always giving us options to add new stops and delete others that he thought would fit us better - even when it meant going off the beaten track - and those were some of our most exceptional experiences.    Through his simple explanations, our guide brought centuries-old ruins to life for us, but whenever it was needed his knowledge of Archaeology and History was encyclopedic. Most important, we spent 3+ weeks in Israel including 17 days of private guiding (many of those on the road throughout Israel), so having a guide who is personable, pleasant, friendly, communicative and easy to get along with is crucial.  This guide is all of that and more. We give this company our highest and unqualified recommendation - the best tour company in Israel.

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