Fairytale Birthday Celebration With Leisure

It was my daughter’s 5th birthday and I wished to take her to a fairytale world. Ireland seemed to be that perfect place which can make her feel like stepping inside the storybooks. I scanned through a number of travel service related websites and ultimately landed onto Leisure.com, luckily I must say!

After going through Leisure’s website, I somehow felt impressed and felt connected to them instantly. I then filled out the inquiry form and received an instant response from their end which created a positive impression in the very beginning itself. The tour coordinator discussed my trip requirements and interests in detail and connected me to a suitable tour agent. He then offered me 2-3 sample itineraries for Ireland vacation and asked me to go through them once to see a glimpse of the place. After a few days, he presented an itinerary to me, customized as per my budget requirements and interests. I purposely didn't ask for many activities and wished for more and more castle visiting. During the Ireland tour, I could literally sense that amusement on my daughter’s face who seemed equally happy to get into her dream-world. The tour guide helped me so much for her birthday preparation and even made the day more special with her constant efforts. 

I am extremely thankful to the entire Leisure team for organizing such a memorable tour for us. I really wish to plan yet another trip with them in the near future!


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