Ireland Travel Review: Multi-Generational Family Vacation in Ireland

When we first considered a family trip to Ireland, I was wary about taking care of 5 young kids and 2 sets of grandparents. I love to plan travel adventures with my family but this seemed a little much. However, after being connected with this Ireland travel company, I realized we had nothing to worry about. In no time at all, my travel agent had sent over a tentative itinerary and asked us for feedback. Because we have family in Ireland, we replied with a few places that we would like to include and she modified our plan without hesitation. From the moment we allowed our travel agent to manage our travel plans, we never had another moment of concern.

Our two weeks in Ireland were amazing beyond our wildest dreams. Every detail was looked after, all of our hotels were fantastic, and our itineraries were perfectly suited to satisfy both little and big people. The highlight of our trip was most definitely our driver and tour guide. Our tour guide was the consummate professional and could answer any question or concern with ease. As he drove us around the countryside, not only did we not have to worry about navigating the roads, we got our fill of information about sites, people, and history. We also got music sing-alongs, Gaelic lessons, and a daily recipe. Our guide was such a treasure.  As we wrapped up our trip, we were sad to leave beautiful Ireland, but we might have been more sad to leave our guide! We are all already planning our next trip to Ireland - planned by this agent and led by this guide, of course.

If you are considering a European vacation, Ireland is a very accessible trip for kids of all ages. The friendly people, the beautiful countryside, and delicious food. You can’t go wrong. I would highly recommend this travel agent for all sorts of travel.


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