Simply astonishing vacation I had in India

I must say that the trip exceeded all my expectations, especially the expectation I had with the travel agency services. Jennie (my friend) told me that she is planning to hire a travel agent to plan our trip, I was a little apprehensive about considering travel services but now I can say that we made no mistake taking up travel services. The travel agent made such a beautiful itinerary including all our favorite places and also the places that we must visit during our India tour. All my friends and I really like the thing that trip package was our under budget and it was all the top attractions of India.

Hiking on Himalayas’ mountains was so much fun and adventure. And camel ride in Rajasthan was an exciting activity for all of us. We enjoyed the trip and the quality of the products are quite good as we bought some marble souvenirs from Agra which look quite stunning with its magnificent marble art. The handicrafts in India are something that can’t be drooped from your shopping list.

The food was amazing and we loved the different species of India. There were a lot of good restaurants that serve awesome cuisines but upon our local guide Shyam, we tried our hand on some street food items that were mind-blowing. Whether it was north-Indian cuisines or south-Indian cuisines, all were simply succulent. After food, our stay was so comfortable that we didn’t even realize that we were staying in cheap accommodation. All the services were good and we faced no issues while transferring from one place to another.

In the end, this was the trip that I will always remember. The trip was well-planned and we made really memorable memories during our India tour. Kudos to Leisure.com. I must mention.

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