India Tour- An epic trip of my life

What an epic trip I had last month when I had been to India? It was all started when my sister was insisting on having a guided tour to India. A good friend to her visited Asia a few months back and ever since she returned she has been telling beautiful tales of India. So, after listening to her interesting stories, my sister also got encouraged to explore India as soon as possible. I am an active traveler and I used to hire travel agency services to plan out a trip for me. But this time my travel agent was unreachable so my uncle referred Leisure.com to get my trip planned. 

When he asked me to try its services, I contacted them. The moment I had a word with one of the agents, I understood that I have reached to the right place for planning my trip. What really got my attention was the agent’s sense of choosing the travel packages for their clients? It explained everything on the phone about the trip and once he was done with the itinerary, he suggested the right travel package that suits our budget. 

It was such an amazing trip that when we arrived we were picked by a local guide that was hired by this travel agent. Accommodations were really good and comfortable and if I talk about food, it was finger-licking delicious. My sister liked the itinerary most and I liked the way all the arrangements have been made, although we had to face some issues with the transportation in Rajasthan that can be ignored to see the overall arrangements of the trip. Without any doubt, I will recommend this travel agency to my traveler friends and associates who often travel for work. 

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