The Most Memorable India Tour I Ever Had

I just return back from an amazing India tour that I had with my boyfriend last week. I have to say that his decision of hiring a travel agency was absolutely right. I am putting out this review because at the beginning of the tour I was a little skeptical about hiring a travel agency to plan out our trip. It was all because just a year back, one of my friends had a guided tour that was so badly planned and all the things got messed up. But I had far cry experience from what my friend was telling me. When my boyfriend was so excited about the guided tour that he included all the accommodation and dining services in our package. 

India is such a beautiful place to roam around when you are looking for peace. We had got such a peaceful welcome that refreshes us instantly when we reach the hotel. We started our trip with Kerela from the bottom of the country and ended our trip in the capital city of India. Yes, New Delhi, it was. The journey of traveling from bottom to top was amazing and I must say all because of the best travel agency- Leisure.com. 

Our travel between the metropolitan cities was amazing as we experienced the best of the urban facilities, whereas as we move to nature’s centric places such as Kerela, Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Lakshadweep and Puducherry were astonishingly beautiful. We have experienced peace and calm to its fullest. We have created a lot of memories during the tour a and this tour will be always special to me because as we return back from the tour, my boyfriends proposed me for marriage. So for me, it is the most memorable tour I ever had. Overall, we liked our India tour and the way our travel agent organized it with full planning. 

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