Iceland Travel Review: A perfect destination to visit

I did lot's of research when planning my Iceland trip.  I reached out to many tour groups and guides and received a great amount of information.  The final decision to plan my trip with Leisure was my interactions with this travel agent. He answered my requests promptly, listened to my ideas and then advised what could make my trip even better.  I gave him a budget and he was able to fit everything and then some into that budget.  He did not work for a big tour company in Iceland, he was a local and I knew my family would get the most authentic experience with him. We are a family of four.  My children are ages 21 and 19.  They are still talking about the wonders of Iceland and the thrilling experiences we had due to our amazing guide.  He took us places that were definitely unique and not everyone will get a chance to see plus all the "must see" spots that are on everyone's bucket list

It was seamless from the moment we landed in Iceland until the moment we were dropped back to the airport. I am glad I chose this company to book my travel but more so I am thrilled and 100% satisfied that we chose this travel agent to guide us through such an amazing journey.  He is so informative, intelligent, funny and tireless!!!!!  We miss Iceland and we miss our travel agent! It is impossible for my family to say what the most enjoyable part of our trip was.  Each day was a picture perfect postcard.  Every adventure was amazing.  Each part of the country we visited had its own special quality. We travelled in the summer and did not get to experience the Aurora Borealis.  It is on our list and we plan to visit again in the winter.  I am sure that we will have a great time chasing the stars with this travel agent.

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