Travel Review: Elopement in Iceland, Reykjavik, Blue Lagoon, Ice Caves

Feedback On Travel Company And Travel Experience

All I wanted to share is that the tour was amazingly awesome and we would definitely recommend the travel company, my friends. We just returned from an amazing week in Iceland.  Our travel agent planned an amazing week for us and wasn't fazed when we threw in the wrinkle of getting married on New Year's Eve two weeks before our trip. He took us to the office to finish our paperwork, helped coordinate where we would meet the officiant and photographer, and took more pictures too.  We loved having him at our wedding! The rest of the trip was perfect too. Accommodations were all great. We got to all the highlights of the South Coast even though we did a lot of driving because we wanted to be in Reykjavik on New Year's Eve, the itinerary wasn't in the order that would have been best but that was our fault. We learned tons from our travel agent about the history and geography of Iceland as well as the current economic and government situation. We really enjoyed being able to have those discussions and it added to our overall understanding of a beautiful country. As others have mentioned, he has a new Land Rover with studded tires so we felt secure driving in the snow and ice.  Our agent also provided us with crampons for walking on the ice.


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