Swam With Turtles on My Hawaii Tour

The day when my cousin got back from his turtle tour in Hawaii, I had decided that soon I will make a trip to Hawaii or would say Hawaii’s Best turtle tour. My cousin is a hardcore traveler so he didn’t take any travel assistance but since I had no idea about the places and how to go about it, I preferred to hire a professional travel agent to guide me through the Hawaii tour. While surfing the Internet, I found Leisure.com, a valuable online source for providing travel assistance. I met Kelly (my travel agent) who helped me throughout the trip and made such a wonderful itinerary.

Since I was taking a solo trip, so don’t want any of the family places to be included in my trip. My travel guy made an itinerary without family places. On a solo trip, I preferred to explore places that are thrilling and adventurous as well. Hawaii is usually famous for beautiful and exciting beaches and adventurous water-sports. I personally feel after returning from the trip, a solo traveler must only include places such as Beaches Waikiki beach, Lanikai, and Lahaina Beach. Just not on the shores of the sea, but there are many places that should be explored alone on a Hawaii vacation. 

I personally feel that without my travel agent, my tour wouldn’t have been this great. So Kudos to his work and thanks to Leisure.com for connecting me with such a great travel agent. I am quite happy with his services and organizing things in Hawaii. Be it accommodations, or transfers, or food, I simply enjoyed everything during my tour. I will recommend the travel company to my friends. And soon I am planning to make another trip to Montego Bay. 


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