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It was relaxing Montego Bay tours

Last past few months have been quite a crazy time for us as there was a high workload at the workplace. To calm our mind and body, we wanted to somewhere we can relax. My friend and I asked our traveler friend who loves to explore new places around the world. He suggested us Leisure.com that provides the best travel agent who plans a trip according to customer’s preferences.

As soon as we told him that we wanted to go somewhere we can have peace of mind, he suggested us Montego Bay tours through which we had a lot of fun on the beach. We are so glad to hire him as our travel agent and I must say that he is quintessentially a travel guy who knows everything about how to plan a trip for his client. He included the best beaches in Montego Bay and booked the best water activities to relax our mind while offering adventure. 

The most memorable part of the trip was when we were playing around the Dunn’s River Falls & Park and accidentally bumped up into different groups. We were walking from the bottom of the falls holding hands together forming a chain but suddenly I lose my control and end up joining a new group. I didn’t know that I would meet my life partner there and that is the reason why is part of the trip is so special and memorable for me. 

After we got back from Dunn’s River Falls & Park tour, Daniel proposed to me and my friend Shelly was so happy for us. The trip was not only relaxing but also special to me and I am soon planning my next trip to New Zealand and I will ask that guy to plan my itinerary. 

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