Best Hawaii experience with family

It’s been a long time since we all had a trip together, so we decided to plan a trip to Hawaii. We had less time but wanted to explore more places and that too in one trip or should say in a single itinerary. It was a week-long vacation plan in which we had to cover the entire areas around the city and didn’t want to miss out the water excursions. So we thought to hire someone who can take all the pain of organizing the trip. 

Just a day after, we started looking for some travel site that provides us a travel agent who could make a sorted itinerary for us. While searching, through Facebook ads, we got to know about Leisure.com that connects travelers with the best travel agent. After filling out a trip request form, one of the team members approached us and one agent was assigned to serve us good travel services. I must say that he was really good at his work as included all the best places to visit in Hawaii apart from including all the great water excursions such as snorkeling, scuba diving, mountain tubing, whale watching, parasailing, surfing and many more to get a taste all about the sports in Hawaii. 

Talking about the accommodation, it was comfortable and moreover, the hotel services and food were quite good. The trip was so well-planned that not once we faced any issue regarding the transfer. The most memorable moment was when we were traveling around Kauai where we got to know more about Hawaiian culture while embracing nature’s beauty. Playing at the poolside was so adventure and we would love to visit here again. 

I can say that I am pretty much impressed by the travel services provided by the travel agent so I have decided that I am gonna recommend it to my friends for sure. 


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