Greece Travel Review: Awesome food and beaches

When I first began to search for the tour on the Internet, Greece was not on my mind but when I saw the pictures and itineraries on Leisure, Greece became the destination I so desperately wanted to visit. I somehow managed to let my wife agree on coming to Greece because she wanted to visit New Zealand this summer. But after the end of the tour I only get to hear how wonderful the trip and my planning were. So, kudos to me. It is an absolute privilege to write a review for this travel agent and his company. We found this travel agent on Leisure when I was scampering through for some awesome itineraries. This travel agent was the reason why we had a trip of a lifetime in magical Greece!  We could not have asked for a better experience and are so happy we chose this company to organize this trip for us.

I wanted to have our freedom to do what we wanted, but I did not want the stress of having to plan everything myself and the travel agent helped in every possible way to make the best out of it. The customer service we received from our agent was second to none.  As soon as we told him our interests--food, wine, history, romance--he immediately put together an incredible itinerary for us.  All we needed to do was approve it, and he took care of booking EVERYTHING for us--the hotels, the transfers, the island to island transportation, and our chosen excursions.  He also was kind enough to give us information on each location, offering suggestions on important locations to visit, restaurants and other possible excursions.  This was a HUGE help, since they don't have Yelp in Greece. :) I am officially in love with Greece (thanks to this agent and his company) and know we will be back!

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