Travel Review: Excellent Tour To Santorini, Athens, Crete, Mykonos, Akrotiri..

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To start with, this is the first time when we used Leisure and a travel agency.  I am a very skeptical guy and like to know what I am going into before I go into things.  My wife and I always wanted to go to Greece, but now with a two-year-old, this was on hold.  We were dreading the long flight and uncertainty of how he would react to the time change, travel, and tours.  We made a last minute decision to just go ahead and use a travel agency. There really isn't a perfect time we discussed as we were planning to have a second in the future.  Normally, I plan our trips through lots of research and forums, but this time around I only had 2 weeks and I was super busy with work. I had no idea how to look for a travel agent so I googled and found leisure.  I looked for more family oriented schedule. I filled out the forms and then was contacted by multiple companies.


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