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A Great Germany Tour Experience

Who does not want to get the best guidance on the vacation of their lifetime? And, I also belong to the same race. I wanted someone who has expertise in planning trips to Germany. I got to know about Leisure.com from an acquaintance.

I wanted to try. And guess what this trial proved to be a great idea. I found some of the best Germany tour agents, brainstormed a little and found the one who had experience in planning the kind of trip that I was looking for. Leisure helped me get the cheapest deal.

Here’s the gist of the services and how the execution of the plans.

Accommodation - Great

Flight Booking - Excellent

Customer care services - Excellent

Price - Cheap

Food - Not that good as expected (OK)

Guide on the trip - Great

Safety - Good

Itinerary - Superb & Excellent (fulfilled my requirement)

Overall they made my trip great. It was a solo trip and I was alone on the trip. I’m a virgo and they are known for their perfection. So, I just wanted everything done perfectly. One important thing I was most happy about their service was about their customer care services. Everytime I would call they found solution for my query instantly. And, that made me avoid a few trivial mistakes.

I visited a lot in this 9 days trip including Geneva,  Watchmaking Boutique and Craftsman Workshop in Montreux, Bern, Basel, Dark Woodland and much more. Leisure had really made my dream come true (ignoring a few mistakes). I would really love availing their services on my next trip. And, I would like to suggest people reading this review to go for their services without giving it another thought. It’s just that you have to negotiate and find the best Germany tour agents as per your requirement.

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