Travel Review: Luxury European Tour- Germany, England, London..

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Planning a well-organized trip is what a travel company’s major job and taking care of small details of customer’s needs, is the second most job. But, there is something more to just these, which I wanted to share and I experienced with this traveling company I booked for my last European trip. Besides, providing good service and making sure the things in place, this travel company had also suggested to which travel package is suitable for me. This was the best thing that really impressed me. When I contacted them and told me about my preferable package, they simply asked my preferable places in Europe. After patiently listening to my requirements, they suggested me the package that costs much cheaper to what I have picked earlier. I have booked travel companies many times earlier to this, but none of them suggested me to choose the one with less budget. Kudos to their honesty!

The agent had taken care of my small details that I shared with him. From hassle-free airport transfers to sorted accommodations, they had not missed on anything, and I am glad that I booked their services. It was fun knowing the art and culture of London, especially the Parliament tour and visiting Churchill's War Rooms made history come alive. Consequently, I had learned about Germany's history and get a unique perspective about life in East Berlin before and after the wall came down. It was fun.


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