Travel Review: Tour of Germany, France & Austria, Heidelberg, Baden-Baden, Strasbourg..

Feedback On Travel Company And Travel Experience

I am really glad about jotting down this feedback about my travel experience with the travel company. My husband and I are quite glad about the services that have provided for us during the trip to Germany, France, and Austria. The best part about the trip was the guide and well-planned itinerary that made our trip superbly awesome. Initially, they asked us about the places we want to explore and what kind of tour we have actually been looking for. The agent was simply amazing, knowledgeable and very helpful throughout the trip.

Our travel agents and the rest of the travel company were simply amazing throughout the whole process. We felt that we got a truly unique and very low stress traveling experience by booking through this company. Once we arrived in Frankfurt, our agent picked us up from the airport and helped us get acclimated, which really alleviated much of the stress of dealing with a brand new country after a transAtlantic plane-ride. While we were there, they gave us an iPhone to use so that we could be in touch with them and to be able to access the internet/Google maps (which definitely helped us not get lost!). At each of our stops, they had provided all of the maps/information that we would need and plenty of advice/suggestions for where to explore/visit based on our interests. They also took care of recommending restaurants and getting us reservations in advance. We also took advantage of their tour guides: one showed us Munich and Dachau Concentration Camp and another who took us around Vienna--both were outstanding guides.

Finally, the hotels they had selected for us were amazing, unique, and in great locations in each of the cities we visited.  We had an absolutely incredible trip that was very low stress due to the tremendous effort of the travel team! What were the most enjoyable or memorable parts of your trip?  We loved everywhere we visited, which was Heidelberg, Baden-Baden, Strasbourg (France), Rothenburg, Munich, and Salzburg and Vienna, Austria. We spent New Year's Eve in Rothenburg which was a completely charming medieval town--it felt like walking onto a movie set. One of my favorite moments was climbing up "Daniel", a church tower in Nordlingen (visited on our way to Munich). It was a clear day and you could enjoy the countryside and picturesque town below. The Christmas markets in Baden-Baden were also delightful.


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