Amazing Vacation In France

My wife and I have just returned from France. It was a great trip. We came to know about this trip from and we also got introduced to this travel company from the leisure itself. They are an outstanding travel company and made our tour a happy and successful one. We received great customer service throughout the tour. All the accommodations were great and the food also. The transportation was smooth. We felt cared and safe throughout the tour. The guides were expert and friendly. They turned the tour really amazing with their commentary.

We traveled to many beautiful places including the Eiffel Tower & The Palace of Versailles. We were really mesmerized at the architectural magnificence of these places. After visiting Eiffel Tower, we moved towards the Parc du Champ de Mars. This spot is especially known for relaxing on the grass, drinking wine, or enjoy a picnic in the shade of Eiffel Tower. On our second day of the tour, we visited the Latin Quarter of Paris, known as the heart of Parisian cafe culture. We spent an entire day exploring the Palace of Versailles. Here we experienced how the French royalty used to live here in utmost luxury. The massive gardens are so big that you can take an entire day exploring them all. We enjoyed all these things with this travel company, Thank you, guys.

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