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Wonderful Egypt Tour

The entire vacation from setting out to finish was with great care. The pyramids and vale of kings was unimaginable - even higher than anticipated. The culture, tiny and huge details of sculptures / engravings, the native history, the sailing ship, the Egyptian village, everything was so exciting - I will always remember it. Even the night train had its own charm.

We had a beautiful afternoon and diner with an Egyptian family. They showed us their house, as well as pet crocodilian, created contemporary mint tea and offered us a glorious dinner. Also, our guide took us  to a little workshop where the locals sells pots etc made from the identical rock which the temples were made up of. They were extremely happy once we bought things as they got commission which helped their families. The ship sailors showed an excellent sailing expertise and saved polluting the river with an outsized cruise boat. Our guide was wonderful. He was Egyptian with a degree in English literature and archeology. He created all the pyramids, temples and tombs come back to life along with his tremendous stories and humour. We were introduced to the locals in AN environment friendly means and I am glad that they were benefited from our visit.

It felt like we were going back in time once we entered the sites: Egyptians, camels, donkeys and desert.

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